Stem Stumper’s on the InterWebs

by Kwasi Mensah

March 3rd, 2014

Stem Stumper’s on the Interwebs

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We’ve been working hard over at Ananse Productions now that SpellStack is out the door. Of course, we’re still working on updates  for it(and a new one with leader boards, achievements and daily challenges should soon be hitting iOS). But we’re also looking at cool new ways to let people play our games online.

So as an experiment, we’ve been working a while on getting the games to work on online and were glad to say it finally paid off. We currently have Stem Stumper up at Kongragate, NewGrounds, GameJolt and Facebook. And we hope to add more soon (especially any that are blind accessible)!


Play Stem Stumper on Kongregate Play Stem Stumper on GameJolt! Play Stem Stumper on Newgrounds! Play Stem Stumper on Facebook!


Let us know how you like it and we’ll be working out the kinks!

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