Stem Stumper’s in the App Store!

by Kwasi Mensah

April 18th, 2011

After manically refreshing iTunes we’re proud to announce Stem Stumper is available for purchase in the App Store here!

Look for this Icon!

Look for this Icon!

While this is a huge milestone for us its only the start for Ananse Productions. We want to thank anyone that had anything to do with getting us here. Since most people skip over our credits I’m going to post them here.

Programming, Design
Kwasi A Mensah

Sound Design, Composition
Dawn-Marie Dunn

Jennifer Kanis

Level Design, QA
Eric Sutman

Holly Anderson
Karl Belanger
Scott Chesworth
Linda Coccovizzo
Tim Crosby
Chris DeLeon
Jim Denham
Anna Dresner
Matthew Janusauskas
Søren Jensen
Jane Jordan
Cory Kadlik
Michael Kanarek
William Lomas
Casey Mathews
Evan Nikolich
Hope Paulos
Dave Santana
Nicolai Svendsen
Yolanda Thompson
Jeffrey Turner

Special Thanks
AbleGamers Foundation,
Bhargav Bhat
Tim Crosby
Jim Denham
Eitan Glinert
Alison Koegler
Ernestina Oduro
Johnny Richardson
Jeffrey Turner

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