Stem Stumper Web Demo

by Kwasi Mensah

November 15th, 2013

Stem Stumper Web Demo

Things have been very busy at Ananse HQ. On top of the work we’re doing to get SpellStack out the door we’ve been toiling away in our labs on our next pet project. Thanks to the fine folks at the Emscripten project we have a very very early build of Stem Stumper running on the web which you can mess around with here. A couple of notes:

-It’s not setup to work with screen readers yet
-You’re best bet is to run this in Google Chrome. You have to have WebGL turned on in your browser.
-The initial run can take a really really long time to load!
-Your progress isn’t saved.

And we’re hoping to follow this up with some exciting news next week on SpellStack!

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