Stem Stumper Update For Gameplay Recording

by Kwasi Mensah

August 12th, 2013

Stem Stumper Update For Gameplay Recording

In case you missed it this weekend, we released a brand new version of Stem Stumper on the App Store. The big addition is (drumroll please) adding gameplay recording. You can now show your friends on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter how you solve our especially tricky levels. We’re still working out how to get VoiceOver to record but for now there’s an option for you to record your voice and to talk through how you’re solving the level.


We’ve also made Ā a fair amount of tweaks to some of the earlier levels to make sure it’s easier to pick up play. So if you or any of your friends were stumped (and not in a fun way šŸ™ ) before make sure to pick it up and try it out again.

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