Stem Stumper in The Press

by Kwasi Mensah

April 8th, 2011

Look Who’s Talking About Stem Stumper

Over the past couple of weeks Ananse has been making a home for himself on the interwebs. We’ve been using twitter and our Facebook page to give breaking updates about who’s been writing about us. This post puts all of those links together in one place for your reading pleasure.

Stem Stumper Interview for

Snippet: We never explicitly aimed for addictiveness but it was really encouraging that people weren’t putting the game down.

Ananse Productions Interview for

Snippet: Getting Stem Stumper out the door and seeing it average 5 stars on iTunes is the best [moment] by far.

MidLife Gamer’s Stem Stumper Review

Snippet: It’s wonderfully unique and is designed to offer a completely different experience to the majority of other titles currently on the market.

MacLife’s Stem Stumper Review

Snippet: Levels are short and sweet, and I found myself thinking “just one more” far too often while procrastinating on important matters like writing this review.

Pocket Gamer’s Review of Stem Stumper

Snippet: …once Sonar mode is activated and you’re reliant purely on the sound each different item makes, gauging the optimum route is surprisingly tricky.

Empire State Gamer’s Review of Stem Stumper

Snippet: It offers enough cerebral puzzle challenge to keep a player coming back.

Kotaku’s Gaming App of the Day

Snippet: Discovering the contours of a level by listening to it as you touch it is a marvelously novel experience.

Interview on SeroTalk Tech Chat

No Eyes Needed’s Post on Stem Stumper

Snippet: I found the soundscape of Stem Stumper to be captivating and it’s not to uncommon for me to hum some of the friendly tunes from the garden around my house after playing.

Front Towards Gamer Review

Snippet: I enjoyed playing it normally, but once I switched over to the sonar mode I found the game to really be a great puzzle game.

Tech Access Daily Tip  featuring Stem Stumper

Great New Mobile Phone Apps: May 2011

Snippet: Stem Stumper is not only a cracking little puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad, it is also one of the first really good games designed for gamers who are blind or partially sighted, since it is fully integrated with Apple’s VoiceOver feature.

Beantown Gamer Reviews Stem Stumper

Snippet: Charming gameplay and some challenging levels, especially in the later levels gives this game more depth than some other puzzle games.  All and all, this is a great game to pick up for your digital collection, and is genuinely fun to play!

The Gamer With Kids Reviews Stem Stumper

Snippet: Stem Stumper from developers Ananse Productions is a puzzle game that is unlike any other you may have heard of.

Destructoid’s Mobile Roundup

Snippet: It also confronts you with how to play a game without sight, which is really damn hard if you never trained for using auditive cues to map spatial environments in your mind.

Audio Intro to Stem Stumper

Ars Technica’s writeup on Stem Stumper

Snippet: Even for fully sighted players, Stem Stumper provides an interesting experience.

HeavenGames Stem Stumper Review

Snippet: The game is definitely worth buying and has a ton of replay value because of the two different modes.

AbleGamer’s Interview with Johnny Richardson

Snippet: I knew I wanted to make the game accessible because diversity is not just a cultural aspect but a people aspect…

Interview with Mike Kanarek of gamedemographic

Snippet: It’s ok to use race as part of a character since it’s part of someone’s background, but there needs to be more to it than that. Demo Night Recap

Snippet: Stem Stumper is built from the ground up to be enjoyed by both the iPhone’s burgeoning blind community and fully sighted players around the world.

BrainLazy PAX East Preview

Snippet: It is thus a game that is also for the blind, rather than only for the blind, and I think that is a good direction to head in. Preview

Snippet: …it appears that one iPhone developer is ready to take on the challenge.

Front Towards Gamer PAX East Preview

Snippet: So far it looks like a winner.

Blind Bargains podcast

Beantown Gamer PAX East Preview

Snippet: …in his palm was perhaps one of the most interesting gems I’ve seen at Pax this year.

VGRevolution PAX East Preview

Snippet: Ananse Productions may be creating their first title but, has talent that has worked on Green Day Rock Band, Borderlands, and Mass Effect.

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