Stem Stumper And Ads

by Kwasi Mensah

June 19th, 2013

Stem Stumper And Ads

Mimea's Waiting for You!

Mimea’s Waiting for You!

We just submitted a new version of Stem Stumper to the iOS App Store and we’re waiting for Apple to approve it. We want to apologize for the way we handled putting ads in the game. We wanted to remove the price barrier so more people can enjoy the game but still find a way to keep the lights on. And with us hard at work on our new game, I’m a little sleep deprived 🙂  But we should have known that adding ads to a game some people have already paid for is not the way to go. So here’s how ads work in Stem Stumper 2.1:

1) If you’ve already bought Stem Stumper and your save data is on the phone, you will never see ads.
2) If you’re downloading it for the first time and you have VoiceOver on, you’ll only ever see ads from PlayHaven which are VoiceOver accessible.
3) Under the Settings Menu  you have the option to buy a one-time In App Purchase to turn ads off.

We’re hoping all of our loyal fans will find this fair. You all have been amazing in supporting us and we’d never want to do anything to alienate our original Stem Stumper’s.

Thanks and again, Sorry,

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