SpellStack Submitted to the IGF!

by Kwasi Mensah

October 19th, 2013

SpellStack Submitted to the IGF!

We just submitted SpellStack to the Independent Games Festival, a competition were the best indie games from around the world get to show off their stuff in sunny San Francisco in March.

As much as it would be great to get far in the competition, our real motive was force us the hunker down and get a new playable version of SpellStack out to our testers. Let us know if you want to become one, we support iOS and Andorid! We also have a new video describing SpellStack’s gameplay.

With the description:

SpellStack is how you decide who your smartest friend is. It’s not enough to have the vocabulary of a 19th century poet, but you have to have the smarts to make sure that your beautiful use of “epicaricacy” isn’t shattered right in front of you. Combining the best parts of Connect 4, and Scrabble, tactically plan how to show your friends that it’s not just what you spell but how you spell it.

Steal the other player’s letters, break their words all while defending your own. The ultimate test of smarts that lets you easily find friends on Facebook and Twitter for a multiplayer battle of wits. And if that’s not enough, we come with several levels of AI and brain scratching puzzles to test your mettle against.

In the next couple weeks we’re hoping to put the finishing touches and get this out to the general public.

Thanks for all of your support!

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