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Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Release date:
April 18th, 2011

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Come play Stem Stumper, puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch you can play with your eyes closed. A dynamic layered soundtrack guides Mimea the vine through 100 brain-teasing levels. Use sling shots, sprinklers and Angry Acorns to open paths for her to grow. Use the right combination to rack up points. The inaugural game of Ananse Productions, this hidden object game will leave you head scratching to find the best solutions. Come for the brain-teasing and stay for the infectious sound track. The app is also fully compatible with VoiceOver.


We've dropped the price to free! Still actively maintaining and we'll hopefully have some big news to announce about the game soon!


  • Over 100+ puzzles that'll test your noggin
  • Interactive soundtrack built based on what's around you.
  • Sonar-Only mode to play with only sounds!
  • Infectious soundtrack that you'll be humming for months.
  • Built from the ground up to support VoiceOver and Talkback.


Trailer YouTube, .mp4

Make Your Own Gameplay Video YouTube, .mp4



Awards & Recognition

    • "Pocket Gamer Bronze Award Winner"
    • "Kotaku Gaming App of the Day" May 18, 2011
    • "AppleVis Hall of Fame" Nomination

    Selected Articles

      • "Discovering the contours of a level by listening to it as you touch it is a marvelously novel experience."
        - Stephen Totilo, Kotaku
      • " ...once Sonar mode is activated and you’re reliant purely on the sound each different item makes, gauging the optimum route is surprisingly tricky. "
        - Chris Schilling, Pocket Gamer
      • "I found the soundscape of Stem Stumper to be captivating and it’s not to uncommon for me to hum some of the friendly tunes from the garden around my house after playing."
        - Justin Romack, No Eyes Needed
      • "I enjoyed playing it normally, but once I switched over to the sonar mode I found the game to really be a great puzzle game."
        - Bedivere, Front Towards Gamer

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      Stem Stumper Credits

      Kwasi Mensah
      Programming & Design, Ananse Productions

      Dawn-Marie Dunn
      Sound Design & Composition, Freelance

      Jennifer McMahon
      Art, Freelancer

      Eric Sutman
      Level Design & QA, Freelancer

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