Podcast on Our New Game at CSUN

by Kwasi Mensah

February 27th, 2013

Podcast on Our New Game at CSUN

Thanks to our friend Jim Denham, the fine folks at Blind Bargain did a podcast on our new game as part of their CSUN accessibility conference coverage. Jim did a great job explaining the game and brought up VoiceOver and accessibility features we didn’t even know of.

You can find the podcast at Blind Bargains’ site here.

A couple of clarifications:
-It’s going to be turn-based not real time (more like hanging with friends) so you can take as much as you want for a turn. So you could have up to ten games at a time going.

-We’re still figuring out the payment model. More on that later!

-We’re still figuring out the release date. But it isn’t too far in the future.

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