Interview And Stem Stumper Sale!

by Kwasi Mensah

May 13th, 2011

Interview With SeroTalk Tech Chat

Last night Kwasi did an interview with the fine folks at SeroTalk about Stem Stumper and accessible iOS games. It was an absolutely pleasure to be featured by them. You can find the full interview on their website or you can listen to the iTunes podcast.

Microphone on a green background

Microphone on a green background

The entire interview is worth a listen especially the Johnathan Chachon interview on the making of Accessible Minesweeper and Michael Feir talking about starting Audyssey. But below are points of interest for Stem Stumper fans.

8:40-27:08: Walk about Stem Stumper, give a brief introduction to the game and whether we plan to support an Android version (we do!). I also spill the beans on about a Stem Stumper sequel. Plus we get to do some reminiscing about Medal of Honor Airborne.

38:52-43:41: Stem Stumper vs. Papa Sangre! Seriously, Papa Sangre is a great game and I’m proud Stem Stumper mentioned with the likes of it.

51:05 -57:26: We chat about the International Game Developer’s Association General Accessibility Special Interest Group (IGDA GASIG) and We also talk about the future of the current Stem Stumper app.

Stem Stumper’s on Sale

Stem Stumper App Store Icon

Stem Stumper App Store Icon

For May 15-21st Stem Stumper will be available for 99 cents (or the equivalent in other countries’ App Store’s). We’re doing this to celebrate White Cane Week an event sponsored by the Lions Club. You can find more information about the Lions Club and White Cane Week here.


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