Ananse Happenings Week of March 4, 2013

by Kwasi Mensah

March 11th, 2013

Week of March 4th, 2013

We have a real busy week ahead of us. Might be writing this on little to no sleep (so please excuse any typos!). Any thoughts on what we worked on? Leave them below as comment, talk to us Twitter (@AnanseProds) or post on our Facebook page.

What we got done

Done is better than perfect

Poster originally from 

-Getting the amazing Tom Lin on board for art!
-We got selected to present Stem Stumper and our new game at NYU’s Different Game Conference!
-Dealing with multiple games at the same time
-First batch of sounds from Dawn-Marie
-Presenting at VIBug Boston. Thanks for having us!
-Redoing tutorials to be much clearer and have more contextual clues
-Adding contextual clues to the game to give more feedback about what’s going on
-Fixing our notice system so you can easily see what the other player did on their turn

What’s cooking for next week

"What's Cookin" spelled out with food and utensils

Picture from

-Getting our alpha out to our first round of testers on Tuesday
-first pass at single player
-Invite twitter and facebook friends to games
-Remember recent friends
-Making an account independent of facebook and twitter
-Setting up a production server

Happening in the near future

Marty McFly and Doc standing in a flame trail left by the Delorean

Picture from

-Facebook posting and tweeting from within the game
-Getting sounds in game
-Getting ready for the Game Developer’s Conference
-Single player

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