Ananse Happenings Week of March 25, 2013

by Kwasi Mensah

April 1st, 2013

Week of March 25th, 2013

We’re a back from sunny California and the Game Developers Conference. My voice is still somewhat useable.  And we still snuck in a fair amount of work on the game. Any thoughts on what we worked on? Leave them below as comment, talk to us Twitter (@AnanseProds), post on our Facebook page, or leave a message in our brand spanking new forums!

What we got done

Done is better than perfect

Poster originally from

-We now have forums! A great way to talk to not only us, but other fans of Stem Stumper and Ananse Productions!
-Shaking hands and talking about Letter Clever as much as we can.
-Fixing drag input to be more intuitive
-Making clearer how points affect each other. Thanks to Jono Forbes at Defective Studios for the feedback!
-Responding to the great feedback we’ve been getting from our Alpha testers.

What’s cooking for next week

That's a lot of cards!

That’s a lot of cards!

-Replying to all the people I met between GDC and PAX east
-Push Notifications for interesting things happening in the game
-Interacting with friends

Happening in the near future

Marty McFly and Doc standing in a flame trail left by the Delorean

Picture from

-Getting ready for supporting Android on day one! (You asked for it, we deliver it!)
-A lot of look and feel changes to make it look like an actual game
-Payment Models (because we have to pay our rent!)
-Braille support


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