Ananse Happenings Week of Feb 11, 2013

by Kwasi Mensah

February 16th, 2013

Week of February 11, 2013

So at Ananse HQ, we realized we’re working on some things that should get everyone pretty excited. So we decided to start a new weekly post that describes what we got done during the week and what we have planned to work on next. Any thoughts on what we worked on? Leave them below as comment, talk to us Twitter (@AnanseProds) or post on our Facebook page.

What we got done

Done is better than perfect

Poster originally from

-Signing in with Facebook
-Signing in With Twitter
-Our first blind play test!
-Got Dawn-Marie on board to do audio (yay!)

What’s cooking for next week

"What's Cookin" spelled out with food and utensils

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-More playtests
-VoiceOver specific tutorial
-Playing random people online
-Getting ready to demo at the The National Federation of the Blind Mass. State Convention

Happening in the near future

Marty McFly and Doc standing in a flame trail left by the Delorean

Picture from

-Play multiple games at the same time
-Inviting friends to games
-Remember recent friends
-Competing at the Mass Digi Challenge

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