Ananse Productions May Recap

by Kwasi Mensah

June 6th, 2011

Catching our Breath

May has been a really busy for us at Ananse Productions. Stem Stumper hasn’t even been out for two months but we’ve been getting near universal praise. Remember, if you want up to minute update on what we’re working on and who’s covering us be sure to follow us on twitter @AnanseProds or follow us on Facebook.  Below we’ve got a run down of the things we’ve been working on and will hopefully get out to the Stem Stumper faithful in the next couple of weeks.

Revamping the tutorials

We’re working on making the game easier to pick up and play. Thanks to everyone that’s given us suggestions on things to improve. Update 1.3 which should be out in a couple of weeks addresses all of these issues. If you’re still stuck on anything in Stem Stumper feel free to contact us or to use the #sstumper hash tag to have fellow players help you.

Translating Stem Stumper

Getting Stem Stumper in Everyone's Hands

Getting Stem Stumper in Everyone's Hands

At Ananse Productions we’re trying to get gaming to into as many hands as possible. That’s why we’re proud to announce that we have French, Italian, German and Spanish translations of Stem Stumper in the works.  We’re always on the look out for other languages so give us a heads up if you want to blow up Angry Acorns in your language.

Working with the Press

We’ve been emailing like there’s no tomorrow to help the Press spread the word about Stem Stumper. Kotaku made as a Gaming App of the Day saying things like “Discovering the contours of a level by listening to it as you touch it is a marvelously novel experience.” No Eyes Needed said “I found the soundscape of Stem Stumper to be captivating and it’s not to uncommon for me to hum some of the friendly tunes from the garden around my house after playing.” You can see everyone else that’s covered us by checking out Stem Stumper in the Press.

Game Accessibility Talk

Front Page of Our Presentation

Front Page of Our Presentation

Thanks to the fine folks at the Games for Health Conference and Boston Indies I’ve been showing a presentation on Game Design and Accessibility.  Its filled with stats and resources but also shows concrete things we did on Stem Stumper to make it more accessible. You can find the slides of the talk on SlideShare.

Stem Stumper on Android

Android Logo

Android Logo

We’ve been doing on and off work on getting Stem Stumper on Android powered devices. We’ve been figuring out how to get the game working on pre-Gingerbread devices an working nicely with Talkback. It’s been a bit of challenge but we’ll make sure Stem Stumper is as accessible as possible when it hits the Android Market.

…And more Ahead!

Whew! We have a lot lined up for June and we’re excited to keep Stem Stumper fans in the loop!


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