Ananse Cards and Other Goodies

by Kwasi Mensah

February 4th, 2011

Cards Came In!

Look at what came in the mail today!

Front and Back sides of Ananse's First Card

Front and Back sides of Ananse's First Card

The cards were designed by Niki Brown who also designed our awesome logo and the website. We were toying with having braille on the backside of the card. However, braille literacy isn’t as far spread as you would think[1] and it was cost prohibitive. So we decided to use the back side to enlargen the personal information to make it easier to read.

Make sure to check in next week when we announce of first game! You can now also follow Ananse Productions on twitter @AnanseProds .

Happy Friday and Go Steelers!

Note 1: In 1973 Congress passed an act which moved blind children from specialized schools into the public school system. This dropped  literacy among blind children to 10% making them significantly less likely to be employed. See this wikipedia page for more information.

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